Squirrel above

This watercolour painting is a welcome to spring. Of course there was a little snowstorm the other day here in East Anglia to underline that spring is trying to start, but winter doesn’t want to leave just yet.

I used the Fabriano Artistico 12″ x 9″ HP 300 gsm for this one. I am a bit undecided about this paper. It sometimes sort of dissolves when I am generous with water or try to lift paint by adding clean water, even though I use a soft brush and is careful not to scrub too hard. Otherwise it is smooth and nice, but dries a bit too fast for me.

Krillin t-shirt

The t-shirt with the Krillin print has arrived, and it looks good. The recipient was very happy with this one-of-a-kind gift.

In other news, I’m busy working on the next children’s book, but I am afraid I can’t show any pictures until it is finished and out in the shops.


I painted my son’s favourite Dragon Ball character Krillin for him on his birthday. The model was a plastic figurine and my goal was to add a bit of fire to him. I used water soluble graphite pencils and gave it a a wash of water colours, letting them run a bit for a “hot” effect. The paper was hot pressed water colour paper (The Langton from Daler Rowney).

First post!

The new website is now live. That means I have to learn how to use it. My tech person has uploaded all images from my old site, and a few more, and it looks like that has worked, though I need to go through them and add titles and text as needed.

I have managed to post a new image (Twilight rider) to the gallery so that’s a success.

In other news, I’m waiting for author copies of the last book I worked on (Belly Full Soup), and have started working on a new book.